Access to hospitality suite floors requires a hotel room key to operate the elevators. This is a security measure installed by the hotel.

To assist with access to hospitality suites, the ORC will station greeters with hotel passes at the main elevator banks on the Main Mezzanine (MM) and Convention (CC) levels. There will also be a greeter at the east end elevators on the MM level.

ORC attendees will be able return to the MM and CC levels. Anyone who wants to visit another Hospitality Suite on a different floor will need to return to MM or CC for assistance.

The ORC committee respectfully asks that attendees that are staying at the hotel assist, when possible, others who may want to visit a hospitality suite.

We request that all in attendance be patient and practice love and tolerance as the kinks in the process are worked out.

Yours in love & service,

The 2018 ORC Committee