Let’s Volunteer in 2024

GREETINGS ORC 2024 Volunteers!

The ORC 2024 is fast approaching, kicking off on March 15, 2024…

The theme this year is “A New Freedom”, so we’re looking for big-hearted volunteer superstars to help us turn up the friendliness… and showcase what “A New Freedom” really looks like!

We’re especially looking for GREETERS!

Have you ever been to that AA meeting where no one acknowledged you, no one was excited to see you, and no one GREETED you? I have. And even after years of sobriety, when I don’t have someone friendly to anchor me, I can still feel alone and out of place. Doesn’t that feel crummy?

But on the flip side, can you remember that AA meeting you attended with GREETERS galore?! That meeting with outstretched hands and smiling faces everywhere you turned? That meeting where GREETERS were excited to meet you, and to help you feel at home? Didn’t that feel great?!

That’s the vibe for ORC 2024…

Will you help brighten the weekend by being one of our frontline smiles?

Being a GREETER is a great opportunity to make friends, make a difference, and enhance your ORC experience with the Power of giving back. Plus each shift is only 2 hours long, so it doesn’t take a lot of time.

We’d love for you to join us!

If you’re good at smiling, it will be super easy for you. And all instructions will be provided.

Please note, all volunteer positions are for paid attendees only. Thanks for understanding!

Ready to throw your hat into the ring?

If you’d like to join our happy horde of helpful handshakers, please fill out the form below, and I’ll get back to you ASAP with all the details.

Let’s make ORC 2024 unforgettable. Together.

Adam W. (Prince Edward Group)
Promotions Chair
ORC 2024 Organizing Committee

Yes, I want to be a GREETER:

    NOTE: All of your information will be kept confidential, and is for internal purposes only.