Hospitality Suites

How to book a Parlour Suite at the Sheraton Centre Hotel:

  • Email Priyanka, the Sheraton reservations associate, at:

And inform her that you would like to book a Parlour Suite for the

“2019 Ontario Regional Conference”.

She will make the reservation for your group.

  • You will be required to book the two hotel rooms that are adjacent to either
    side of the Parlour Suite. So please be prepared to book the two other rooms
    for group member guests for the same nights that the Parlour suite is booked.
    This is standard operating procedure at this hotel to ensure that a guest not
    associated to the conference does not end up booking a room that is directly
    next door to the Parlour suite and experience noise issues.

Once you receive your confirmation number call Central Reservations at:

to guarantee the booking with a credit card .

There are a limited number of Parlour Suites, so book early.