General Information

Special Announcement: Hospitality Suites


British Columbia Room
Friday: 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Saturday:  8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Please remember that we are fully self-supporting through our own contributions. Admittance to the meetings, banquet, and dance is by registration badge only.

Full to Capacity
As space will be limited, please acknowledge and respect this sign when posted outside a meeting room.

Quiet Room
Located in the Newfoundland Room.

Volunteers/Greeters Room
Come to the Algonquin Room, Mezzanine Level, to sign up for a 2-hour shift as a greeter.

Coat Check
Coat check will be available Friday evening from 6:00 onward and all day Saturday and evening.

Luggage Storage
Sunday – 10:30 am Ontario Room

Lost and Found
During the conference, check the Toronto Room. After the conference, check with the hotel.

Hospitality Suites
See notices on Bulletin Boards on the Mezzanine Level and Convention Level.

Smoking Policy
A smoking area can be found outside the west door of the hotel.

Learn about the history of AA in Ontario at the Archives table outside the Concert Hall.

Newcomers Room
Located in Salon B on the convention floor.

This room is for people in early sobriety, or for those who have a desire to stop drinking. It is a place to discuss any questions, concerns, or simply “where you’re at” with an experienced member of the fellowship.

Alateen Parents/Guardians
All ALATEENS will require completed and signed medical and permission forms. The forms will be available in the AL-ANON and ALATEEN rooms. Certified Supportive Al-Anon Members will provide supervision within scheduled Alateen meetings only. Adults who register youths are ultimately responsible for them at all times during the Conference.

Saturday March 10th is Daylight Savings Time. Turn all clock forward one hour.


Special Needs
Access is provided in the first row (right side) during all meetings in the Canadian Room. Interpreting Services are available during the meetings marked with this symbol: :

Wheelchair access is provided in designated areas in the Canadian Room, Concert Hall and Ballroom.

Simulcast Meetings
Some meetings in the Canadian Room will be simulcast into the Concert Hall and will be marked with this symbol: ▲. The Banquet Speaker Meeting will also be simulcast into the Ballroom. The Saturday afternoon meetings in the Concert Hall will be simulcast into the Ballroom.

Meetings marked  with a CD will be recorded. CDs will be available on the Convention Level.

REMINDER:  Please remove all personal belongings after each meeting.